How to Survive a Divorce With a Narcissist

Whether you are thinking of divorcing your narcissistic spouse, in the middle of it, or have finalized the divorce, the tactics are the same. I’m here to help with their deception. My How to Survive a Divorce With a Narcissist masterclass will give you all of the tools and resources you need to navigate your relationship and process. 


In This 4-Part Masterclass, You’ll Learn How to Deflect These Types of Attacks...

Bait and Switch. How a narcissist dangles attractive bait like money, success, power, or influence and then uses against their spouse. Discover ways to avoid or get out of this trap.

Scare Tactics. Narcissists have a predictable abuse cycle. Learn how to overcome this spiral and their scare tactics.

Rollercoaster Ride. Avoiding the ups, downs, twists, turns, and surprises is an art form. Learn how you can be in control of the ride instead of the narcissist.

Child’s play. Having a narcissist parent can be frustrating for a child. However, it is worse when the child then grows up to believe that the narcissistic behavior is acceptable. Discover ways to avoid this from happening.


Give Yourself the Tools You Need to Deal with the Deception, Survive the Divorce and Build the Life You Deserve

This Masterclass includes 4 hours of videos PLUS bonus materials to reinforce everything you learn. Click the button below to get lifetime access to this one-of-a-kind resource, all of this for only $99. You're not alone, and Christine Hammond will teach you what you need to know to survive a divorce with a narcissist.


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